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Our Passion

Food is the cornerstone of every household. It is one of the most vital things that humans require, not just to survive, but to socialise with. Food brings families and friends closer together. It has always been a fuel for social interaction, regardless of background, status or wealth.

Rumah, in Bahasa, means Home

The idea of food is not just a home comfort, but it is having a whole host of ingredients on the table. It is having dishes of many flavours, with their own story to tell, waiting to be tasted and the nod of approval which follows. It is a food culture of being served, but also being invited to help yourself to whatever taste you want, whatever food journey you are willing to walk and whatever risk you are willing to take.

Be it the well-rounded Rendang, or the spice fire that is Sambal Olek. Rumah eating is best served with family, friends and loved ones.



Pork Adobo

“The most powerful memory of food comes from when we are young. From sitting with family, watching our parents cook, hating sprouts or eating every last vegetable just so we can chase the ice cream van as our reward; we develop a foundation of what food, and food culture, mean to each of us.

Reminiscing of a childhood in the developing nation of the Philippines, I realised that my diet was amazing. It was flavourful, varied and, of course, filled with lots of rice!”

“What I want to do is bring the wonder and flavour encapsulated within me from my youth, to you, so you can experience these wild and complex flavours too



Our Head Chef – Troy Amador

What I want to do is bring the wonder and flavour encapsulated within me from my youth, to you”